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I want to help you achieve your business goals through easy and effective SEO strategies you can implement today!

Understanding how Google ranks your page can be hard.

That's why my workshops are ...

Easy to understand

During these educational workshop, I will simply and put into plain english all of the complex and confusing terms used in Search Engine Optimization. You will be able to start optimizing your own website and start seeing a difference in your Google rankings.

Real life examples

Attending a webinar is great but when all the examples are ideal and perfect it is hard to implement the concepts to your own situation. I will review real life website that are currently online today. To add even more value, we will use the websites of the viewers in attendance. So prepare to get optimized.


Most webinars, you just sit there and listen. And if you retain 2% of what was said, it is even too much. This workshop is different. We will be taking questions during the presentation and not just at the end. You never know we might just all learn something together.

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